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   The design is based on a Wall painting, discovered in 1949 in a Christian Chapel in a Romano-British Villa, at Lullingstone, Kent, which dates from c. 350 A.D. 

   (The same design is found sculptured on a marble sarcophagus in the cemetery of Domitilla, south of Rome, and dates from the same period)

   Centrally, a black Chi-Rho
is set against a flame-red background,
encased in a wreath of flowers.
Two peacocks stand at the base of the design,
within a framework of classical Greek pillars with Ionian capitals.

   The Chi-Rho, the first two letters in the Greek word for Christ, was used from the time of Constantine as a symbol of the risen Christ. The wreath symbolizes victory after effort.

   The peacock, because of its beautiful feathers, is associated in Christian art with angel's wings, and was used in early times to symbolize the Resurrection.

   The whole pattern thus stands for our belief in ''The resurrection of the body and eternal life given to us in Jesus Christ our Lord", and the classical Greek pillars give the historical time in which this revelation was given to the world.    The design of the tapestry affirms the purpose and goal of life for all who enter the Church by Baptism, and for the baptized Christians as they leave the church after worship.  


   The entire canvas measures 9 feet (2.74m) across and is 8 feet, 3 inches (2.44m) high. It is composed of ten individual sections which have been sewn together by the St, Paul's Tapestry Team, after each of the ladies had worked a section approximately 23 inches (58.4cm) wide and 4 feet (1.22m) long. A great deal of skill and patience was required to match up the different sections and fit them into the overall design, and in a number of sections the design was actually completed by joining one section with another. 

   The design was begun after Easter in 1974 and the work completed within twelve months. The tapestry was dedicated on Easter Day, 30th March, 1975.

   The Vestry of St. Paul's gratefully acknowledges the hundreds of hours put into this work of art by each of those who assisted the project.  



Mr. K. C. Hall. 


Mrs. Florence Carter,
Mrs. Marjory Challis,
Mrs. Patricia Crawford,
Mrs. Belle Evans,
Mrs. Val Hewitt,
Miss .Doris Marquardt,
Mrs. Nancye Moore,
Mrs. Jean Nicholls,
Mrs. Estelle Pratt,
Mrs. Elizabeth Robin,
Miss Beverley Reid,
Mrs. Edith Smith,
Mrs. Nancy Williams.

Mounting and Hanging: Mr. John Theys, with assistance from
Miss Pamela Kisbee.
E. Brockman & Son Pty. Ltd.

General supervision and co-ordination:
The Rev. Dr. Arthur Robin